How it works?

With the Oddsguard browser extension you get access to over 100 bookmakers data and make better betting decisions all the time – automatically. So you’ll never miss out on better odds again! Here’s what you need to know:

Update July 21 – we simplified the use of the extension, it`s not necessary to sign up anymore.

Start by selecting odds to compare

Simply open a bookmaker website – like Coral or 10bet – and select bets as you normally would. Oddsguard will then tell you if better odds are available. This video shows you how it works.

We currently support all these bookmaker’s sites and offer odds from these bookmakers.

Oddsguard supports pre-match bet types such as 1×2, Moneyline, Under/Over, Handicap and Draw No Bet. For a full list of supported bet types, please see the article on our FAQ page that’s constantly updated.

Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and American Football are all covered. Want more? Let us know and we’ll try to prioritize your favorite bets.

Unleash the full power of Oddsguard by clicking the icon

To get the most out of Oddsguard, click the browser icon. Here you can find more better odds on your selection, all available offers and edit your Oddsguard settings.

Join or log in to choose bookmakers you want to see in your notifications. You can also decide how much better the odds need to be for you to get notified.

Customize your Oddsguard experience

Once you’ve got used to using Oddsguard you can customize your experience. Remember that you have to be logged in to activate these features.

Here’s how to click bookmakers on and off, so they either show up (or don’t) in your notifications for better odds.

You can also decide how much better the odds need to be in order for you to get notified. This selection ranges from 0% (odds just need to be better) to 20% (odds need to be 20% better).

Sharing makes the world go around

With Oddsguard you really get the real deal – you’ll never have to hunt for better odds again – as they’ll automatically come to you. It’s that easy!

Just so you know, we’re constantly developing Oddsguard. So please don’t hesitate to contact us on TwitterFacebook or by e-mail with any suggestions or questions.

Also, make sure you follow our Blog and social media channels to get the latest updates.

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