How to find better odds – Different ways to use Oddsguard

Did you download the Oddsguard browser extension for getting better odds yet? Please start with downloading it here on Chrome web store and try it out yourself!

There are quite a few ways to find better odds but Oddsguard's mission is to make this easier for you. You can never be certain that you are placing a bet on a game with the best available odds - but Oddsguard does compare your odds to over 100 bookmakers which is amazing.

Let Oddsguard do the work for you!

Find better odds on your favorite markets

Oddsguard currently finds better odds on Football, Basketball, Ice-Hockey, Tennis and American Football. Just go to your favorite bookmaker, start selecting odds and Oddsguard will automatically notify you if there are better odds available.

Please remember to check our full list of supported bookmakers here.

Is there a Premier League round coming and you need to ensure best return with better odds? No problem, open a bookmaker, select odds you would be placing and Oddsguard will automatically tell you if better odds are available.

You can compare 1x2, Draw No Bet, Under/Over, Double Chance odds on Football across over 20 leagues – with of course Premier League being covered (amongst competitions like Champions League).

Looking for the full list of markets and bet types? Please see this article on our FAQ page(link to FAQ section “How do I get better odds”.

Customize how you receive better odds

There is a lot of data and better decisions for you to be made with Oddsguard. This comes with the opportunity to customize your Oddsguard experience as well.

When you download and register to Oddsguard you will be able to also customize your experience.

You can then choose by percentage how much better the odds need to be in order to you to get notified. 0% better is the default setting and means the odds just need to be better by any margin.

If you set this up for example for “5% better!” it gives you the opportunity to only bet elsewhere if you know that the odds are a lot better. 5% in reality is a lot already.

“In market where odds are 1.50 in your chosen bookmaker, 5% better would mean 1.575.”

Taking your odds with even better offers

When you are logged-in you can also select which bookmakers you see. 

In the Oddsguard extension settings navigate to the “Offers” tab. Here you can see all bookmakers that are being offered to you.

You can deselect or select again bookmakers which you prefer to not see or see. You can also filter the offers by blocked bookmakers, deposit bonuses, free bets and if the bookmaker offers a casino bonus as well!

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Posted on: March 11th, 2019

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