Team Oddsguard: How I use Oddsguard to check my odds (2019)

This post is about how I use Oddsguard to get better odds on the markets that I like to play. I like to bet on Tennis, Ice-hockey and American football mostly. I personally think that when you figure out how easily Oddsguard work, it can really help you to get more value and save time on your betting! Remember, it’s totally free to use.

Full disclosure: My name is Toni Westerholm and I’m one of the people behind Oddsguard. We developed the first version of Oddsguard, which is now live and free for all to use, after 8 months of hard work. I hope people love the tool as much as we do! And we are looking for guest bloggers as well appear in our blog section. This post was written on 30.5.2019 – just before the Champions League final, early rounds of Roland Garros and with NBA and NHL finals on-going.

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Let’s jump to the odds! A mentioned I like to bet on Tennis, Ice-hockey and American football but it doesn’t mean I necessarily have a ton of insight on any given game / match.

I also do jump and bet on big events, such as the coming Champions Lague final between Tottenham and Liverpool – just to get more of kick to follow the big game. This despite the fact that I don’t know English football so well.

But all these things make Oddsguard a great tool for me to use. Even if I don’t bet like a pro – I’ll still get the best odds on my views. And that makes the decision to bet, better and smarter 😉

My NHL finals odds and views

I thought early on that Bruins will take the cup with 4-1 in wins. Now with two games down Bruins somehow managed to lose the home field advantage in overtime in game 2. So basically I’m a bit lost.

I love St. Louis at home but thought that they will be at this point discouraged by a 0-2 series. I use mostly Livescore to check the stats leading to a game. What it tells me now is that Bruins, although being strong away, have a bad record in St. Louis and haven’t really played there a lot. Overall I think that in St. Louis the Blues will take the first and Bruins to even in second.

Cover you NHL odds with Oddsguard

So let’s take a look at the odds with Oddsguard backing us up! I usually bet on bet365 but they’re not good in Ice-hockey in general – that’s not their thing.

As assumed, bet365 didn’t appear in the bookies that offer the best odds on this game. I know Bethard (oh hello Zlatan!) and feel comfortable betting there so let’s use that. I checked bet365 and the odds were 1.80 there (compared to my 1.86 from Bethard).

Note: I didn’t have a Bethard account yet – that took only a minute to open and deposit first time. Also – I always bet on moneyline in NHL. Maybe I am a fool but you have to educate me.

The big one is here – Tottenham v Liverpool odds

As one would, I have friends asking where are you going to watch the Champions League final and what do you think will happen. So I do get a bit of peer pressure to bet and of course I do it for the excitement as well. On games where I don’t have a lot of idea of the past data I rely on some tipster groups.

I would love the bet on the underdog here (Tottenham) but let’s check out one of my new favorite tipster groups, freesupertips. What I’ll do is open their match preview, scroll to the bottom and read the last two paragraphs.. sorry guys I really do that!

Basically Kane should be out and Liverpool looks like a good bet to win. BUT they do give a bit of a chance in the form of a goal to Tottenham. So both teams to score should be a good one too. Thankfully Oddsguard support both teams to score, Under / Overs etc. in football.

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Now what I can do is actually just stay on Bethard as it’s fully supported by Oddsguard. I tried out both teams to score (difference: 1.74 to 1.80 with Oddsguard) and over 3.5 goals (exciting!). Over 3.5 goals is totally the market that I choose here, getting great odds at Marathonbet:

I got 3.46 against suggested 3.15 of my newly found bookmaker Bethard. That’s a big, big difference! And value for me.

Early rounds in tennis – My favorite tennis odds and bets

I love to play, watch and bet on tennis. I follow the scores regularly and try to watch as much as possible. I think Roger is the GOAT and dislike Nadal (to put the least) – so basically I guess I represent your average demographic of a tennis freak (60-70 percentile).

In tennis betting I love to play the early rounds. In the semis and finals I only bet small amounts of my bankroll. I think there is much more value in the early rounds: there is a lot lead up to the tournament and possible motivation issues to say the least. Makes sense right?

Roland Garros is under way and I’ve been betting almost daily – from the qualifications to now third, fourth rounds. This is how I go about my picks to all the matches in each round, and the type of questions I ask:

  • I go through H2H stats on given surface match (eg. record between players)
    • Have the players had matches against each other?
    • Which one has taken the H2H match-ups?
  • When was last match played and past 5 match record
    • Late tournament / match last night?
    • Long match last night?
    • Record on surface past 5 / 10 matches

Other things I try to consider are: Motivation in terms of did the player just win a big one. Young player = are there expectations towards the player? Have I seen the player play lately - how did that look and feel?

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Simply put these are the things I consider when picking winners. Adding up to this I want certain level of action (ie. odds at certain level). Let’s say the odds on my pick need to be at least around 1.30-1.50 – this due to this simple model usually picking favorites to win. Let’s see how much better odds we can find with Oddsguard:

Paire, Mahut , Thiem would be the picks after a quick look. Again we are talking about the 1/16 final in the French open (played on 31.5.2019). Straight win odds on my day to day bookmaker bet365 would give me the winner odds as so 2.37, 3.18, 1.18 -> for one reason or another I only got Thiem here as a favorite pick.

Despite the odds that I will find for these guys, I might take the odds on Thiem to balance out the risk. Three singles here with the best odds and two of them coming home would be a good days work!

I could not find bookmakers offering Mahut or Thiem as of yet – which is odd but Paire match-up I did get in. Here Unibet was offering 2.35 and Oddsguard had me covered again – proposing 2.48 at 1xbet.

Early rounds in tennis – My favorite tennis odds and bets

Let’s recap what I found here:


This essentially the beauty of Oddsguard. It has you covered – on average we got just over 6 % better odds across these markets. That will make a huge difference even on short term. On long term it makes a massive difference!

If we apply some simple math on above examples:

I bet 20 € on each of these picks. With the odds given through Oddsguard I would win 10 € exactly more – and that’s almost 17% of my total bet size.

You multiple this by days and bets and the amount grows and your risk goes down. I bet on tennis daily around the ATP 1 000 and grand slams – so the math really does add up. But even if you pick a cheeky bet to a big event – Oddsguard will almost always find you better odds.

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Some notes on Oddsguard:

It does work on both Decimal vs Fractional, even US odds. Decimals are easier for me to use.

You can edit your settings – remove bookmakers from showing up or adjust the % of how much better the odds need to be in order for you to get notified.

And this is how you edit the percentage:

Posted on: May 31st, 2019

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