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Oddsguard is here! Finding better odds has never been this easy. Download the new Oddsguard browser extension now - you will love it! Oddsguard is built for all kinds of bettors in order for you to get the most out of betting.

Oddsguard odds comparison browser extension is for everyone to enjoy, it is free to use and with it you will get access to over 100 bookmakers odds and will gain so much more out of your betting.

Finding you better odds since 2019

You can find us on Google Chrome webstore. Not using Chrome? We are working on supporting more browsers and mobile browsers as well.

How does it work? You can read the "How it works" section with easy instructions or revert back to our FAQ section once you are using our tool for odds comparison.

  • We try to make odds comparison simpler and more intuitive for users
  • Just bet on your favorite bookmaker and once you select a bet we will notify you if there are better odds available

Oddsguard compares yours odds to over 100 bookmakers. For now we support the most sought after sports: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice-Hockey and American Football. We will inform of additions to our coverage in our blog. For all the supported sports and betting options please see this section of FAQ.

You should check out which bookmakers we support now. We offer odds from over 100 bookmakers but we can't offer better odds automatically to users of all of them (yet).

Please see this list of all operators we support. When you download our extension you will also get a prompt if we support that bookmaker you are visiting.

Why odds comparison is better with Oddsguard

You will never need to browse a traditional odds comparison website for games and matches to find what you are looking for. Just launch your browser, get to the action with Oddsguard in your favorite bookmaker.

We will give you options. Some bookmakers might be new to you, some you might have accounts with already (by the way we list a lot of our supported bookmakers and their offers here on our Better odds -page) but you will always get options to choose from - as long as the bookmaker offers better odds on your chosen vet!

We know about country restrictions too! Some bookmakers will not take action from every country. Please remember to read the terms and conditions when getting better odds with Oddsguard.

You can customize your experience. After registering or logging in (it’s free to do so) to your own Oddsguard extension through the browser extension you can disable notifications from any bookmaker and choose when to get notified. When joining Oddsguard you can also participate in our campaigns where you can win big if you tell your friends about us!

Who can use Oddsguard?

Anyone with Chrome browser is free to download the Oddsguard odds comparison extension. Oddsguard does not offer betting or gambling in any form but make sure you can use the tool in your country.

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Posted on: March 4th, 2019

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