Getting better odds in real-time makes Oddsguard the real deal

We all want the best odds we can get, right? Well, our unique Oddsguard extension searches bookies in real-time for them so you don’t have to.

Install to Chrome – for free
116,685 Chrome Store reviews
Install to Chrome – for free
116,685 Chrome Store reviews

Save time – we search for better odds for you

Free Oddsguard install It’s quick, easy and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Bet as you usually do The only difference is you’ll always bet with better odds.

More winnings for you You + better odds = more chance of winning more cash.

Over 100 bookmakers could have better odds for you

Below are just some of the biggest bookies we use. Go here for a full list of our bookmakers

Find out which betslips we support and where OddsGuard works best.

FAQs. Got a question? We’ve got the answer

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  • Getting started with Oddsguard
    • What is Oddsguard?

      Oddsguard is a browser extension designed to help you bet better.

      It automatically checks the odds you’ve selected against the odds of over 100 bookmakers and tells you if you’ve made the right choice of bookmaker. If Oddsguard finds better odds for you we’ll tell you and it’s then up to you if you use them. All this happens in the background - in real-time - so you can carry on betting on other things.

    • How do I install Oddsguard?

      Oddsguard can be found in the Chrome Web Store - installation’s quick and easy. Just visit our Oddsguard Download page here and follow the simple instructions. Once it’s installed, check our website video for how to use it.

    • How do I know if Oddsguard’s working?

      Once Oddsguard’s been installed and you’ve chosen odds with your favorite bookmaker, the Oddsguard extension icon (G) in the top right-hand corner of your browser should light up.

      After selecting a market (e.g. a single bet), we’ll notify you if we’ve found better odds from over a 100 bookmakers. However, please make sure you’re betting on one of our supported bookmakers – you’ll find them all here

      Please make sure you’re logged in to Oddsguard. The extension only works when you are logged in to ensure you the best possible experience.

    • Where can I use Oddsguard?

      After installation, Oddsguard works on all the bookmaker websites listed below. If your bookmaker’s not on the list, don’t worry. You can still use Oddsguard on any of the below bookmakers, even if you are not their customer already.

      Oddsguard fully supported bookmakers - updated 03.12.2022

Can’t find your favorite bookmaker above? Just check out our list of all the best bookmakers and their bonuses on our “Best Odds” page

On top of these bookmakers we offer odds from also these bookmakers:

  • Why isn’t Oddsguard showing me better odds?

    If the Oddsguard logo is lit up and you’re placing a bet, it’s most likely you’ve already chosen best odds in the marketplace. Saying that, other reasons may be:

  • Why is my Oddsguard button missing?

    First, please make sure that you have the extension correctly installed. Other reasons may be:

  • Why should I join Oddsguard?

    Downloading our free extension brings you benefits that include:

    However, if you decide to join Oddsguard (by logging in to our extension with your name and email, or with your Google or Facebook account) you’ll also get to:

    In order to serve you better odds and remove abuse of our data we require a login. This to ensure you the best possible experience.

    Go on, join our community today and we’ll help you bet better.

  • How do I sign up with Oddsguard?

    You can do this on our website, by clicking the “Sign up” button on the top right-hand corner and following the instructions in the pop-up.

    Simply join with your name and email, or use your Google or Facebook account.

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