Getting better odds in real-time makes Oddsguard the real deal

We all want the best odds we can get, right? Well, our unique Oddsguard extension searches bookies in real-time for them so you don’t have to.

Install to Chrome – for free
116,685 Chrome Store reviews
Install to Chrome – for free
116,685 Chrome Store reviews

Save time – we search for better odds for you

Free Oddsguard install It’s quick, easy and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Bet as you usually do The only difference is you’ll always bet with better odds.

More winnings for you You + better odds = more chance of winning more cash.

Over 100 bookmakers could have better odds for you

Below are just some of the biggest bookies we use. Go here for a full list of our bookmakers

Find out which betslips we support and where OddsGuard works best.

FAQs. Got a question? We’ve got the answer

Click any of the categories below to see our most frequently asked questions.

  • Getting started with Oddsguard
    • What is Oddsguard?

      Oddsguard is a browser extension designed to help you bet better.

      It automatically checks the odds you’ve selected against the odds of over 100 bookmakers and tells you if you’ve made the right choice of bookmaker. If Oddsguard finds better odds for you we’ll tell you and it’s then up to you if you use them. All this happens in the background - in real-time - so you can carry on betting on other things.

    • How do I install Oddsguard?

      Oddsguard can be found in the Chrome Web Store - installation’s quick and easy. Just visit our Oddsguard Download page here and follow the simple instructions. Once it’s installed, check our website video for how to use it.

    • How do I know if Oddsguard’s working?

      Once Oddsguard’s been installed and you’ve chosen odds with your favorite bookmaker, the Oddsguard extension icon (G) in the top right-hand corner of your browser should light up.

      After selecting a market (e.g. a single bet), we’ll notify you if we’ve found better odds from over a 100 bookmakers. However, please make sure you’re betting on one of our supported bookmakers – you’ll find them all here

      Please make sure you’re logged in to Oddsguard. The extension only works when you are logged in to ensure you the best possible experience.

    • Where can I use Oddsguard?

      After installation, Oddsguard works on all the bookmaker websites listed below. If your bookmaker’s not on the list, don’t worry. You can still use Oddsguard on any of the below bookmakers, even if you are not their customer already.

      Oddsguard fully supported bookmakers - updated

      Can’t find your favorite bookmaker above? Just check out our list of all the best bookmakers and their bonuses on our “Best Odds” page

      On top of these bookmakers we offer odds from also these bookmakers:

    • Why isn’t Oddsguard showing me better odds?

      If the Oddsguard logo is lit up and you’re placing a bet, it’s most likely you’ve already chosen best odds in the marketplace. Saying that, other reasons may be:

    • Why is my Oddsguard button missing?

      First, please make sure that you have the extension correctly installed. Other reasons may be:

      • You’ve uninstalled the Oddsguard extension
      • You’re browsing on another browser, Oddsguard work currently on Chrome browser and other Chromium ecosystem browsers
      • You’ve deactivated the Oddsguard extensions in your browser’s extension settings
      • Oddsguard icon is hidden behind your browser toolbar
        • Click the three dots in your browser and you will locate the Oddsguard extension
        • Right click the icon and select “Show in toolbar”

    • Why should I join Oddsguard?

      Downloading our free extension brings you benefits that include:

      • Automated access to over 100 bookmakers odds
      • The ability to make better betting decisions with our suggested better odds
      • A list of all bookmakers bonuses, plus their odds on your selected market (bet)
      • Decide exactly when the Oddsguard extension suggests better odds for you

      However, if you decide to join Oddsguard (by logging in to our extension with your name and email, or with your Google or Facebook account) you’ll also get to:

      • Decide exactly when the Oddsguard extension suggests better odds for you
      • Block bookmakers that you’re either not interested in or you already have an account with (so can’t claim the bonus)

      In order to serve you better odds and remove abuse of our data we require a login. This to ensure you the best possible experience.

      Go on, join our community today and we’ll help you bet better.

    • How do I sign up with Oddsguard?

      You can do this on our website, by clicking the “Sign up” button on the top right-hand corner and following the instructions in the pop-up.

      Simply join with your name and email, or use your Google or Facebook account.

  • Betting with Oddsguard
    • Does Oddsguard work on international sites?

      Yes. We support (both read and analyse) odds from over 100 bookmakers - here are all the bookmakers we read, analyse and their offers

    • Do odds on Oddsguard expire?

      Odds are always tied to time and they can change. Oddsguard analyses pre-match odds which don’t usually change a lot from the time you look at them to the time you come to bet.

      However, please keep in mind that if you decide to bet with a new bookmaker you’ll need to put some time aside first for the registration process.

    • How do I remove items from Oddsguard?

      You can remove any notifications of better odds you get through Oddsguard by clicking the “X” on the top right-hand corner of the notification.

      Also, on the Oddsguard extention settings page you can edit which bookmakers you’re recommended after you’ve succesfully logged in.

    • Can I add a bookmaker to Oddsguard?

      Unfortunately not. Please submit a request to us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get back to you. Here’s a full list of our supported bookmakers

    • Can I use bonuses with Oddsguard?

      With all the better odds we find for you, we also offer the bonus of that bookmaker. You can also see all of the bonuses from bookmakers here. We’ve noted the main terms and conditions in each offer, but please make sure you check all the terms and conditions when visiting a bookmaker. Keep in mind that country and other restrictions apply.

    • Can Oddsguard help me find deals?

      Yes. You’ll be sent offers with every better odds we find for you. You can check all our listed bookmakers and offers at any time on our “Best Odds” page

    • How do I claim better odds?

      After getting notified of better odds, you either need to hit the red button that reads “Place bet on...” on that notification. You will be forwarded to the bookmaker website to claim the odds and their offer if you are a new customer to the bookmaker. 
      Otherwise you can see the better odds as well in the Oddsguard extension home view, from where you can claim the odds as well. Here you will also see all the top odds we have found on your selected market.

    • How do I get better odds?

      Once you’ve chosen odds on your favourite bookmaker’s website, you’ll be notified by the Oddsguard extension if we’ve found better odds for you. That way, you don’t have the hassle of having to go back and check your odds at a traditional odds listings page.

      We currently support these sports on pre-match betting: 
      Football, Ice-hockey, Basketball, Tennis, American Football (updated 24.4.2019).

      We currently support these bet types (updated 24.4.2019): 
      Football: 1X2, 12, Draw No Bet, Total Under/Over,Double Chance, Both To Score 
      Ice-Hockey: 1X2, 12, Moneyline (12), Total Under/Over,Double Chance, Draw no bet 
      Tennis: Moneyline (12), Total Under/Over Games, Handicap Games, Handicap Sets 
      Basketball: Moneyline (12), Total Points Under/Over, Handicap Points 
      American Football: Moneyline (12), Total Points Under/Over, Handicap Points

      For full list of sports, leagues and markets that Oddsguard supports here.

    • Which markets and sports does Oddsguard support?

      We support following sports and markets. Just select these on your favorite bookmaker and get going in automatic odds comparison with Oddsguard!



      1X2, Moneyline (12), Under/Over (goals), Double Chance, Both to score

      Leagues and tournaments:

      Premier League, Champions league, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, The Championship. La Liga 2, Serie B, 2. Bundesliga, Ligue 2, Eeste Divisie, League One, Segunda Division B, Serie C, 3. Liga, Chmpionnat National, League Two, National League, FA Cup, Copa Del Rey.



      1X2, Moneyline, Total Under/Over, Double Chance, Draw no bet

      Leagues and tournaments:

      NHL, KHL, Swedish League (SHL), Finnish League (Liiga), World Championships, World Championships U-20.



      Moneyline, Total Under/Over Games, Handicap Games

      Leagues and tournaments:

      ATP 1000 & 500 & Finals, WTA Premier, Tennis Grand Slams



      Moneyline, Total Under/Over (Points), Handicap

      Leagues and tournaments:

      NFL, NCAAF

    • How can I find more information about a bookmaker?

      You can find this in the extension’s “Offers” tab by clicking on “More info”. Alternatively, you can find more information about the bookmakers on our website’s “Best Odds” page

    • How do I manage my Oddsguard settings?

      You can manage these by opening the Oddsguard extension in your browser and going to the “Settings” page.

    • Why should I join/log in to Oddsguard?

      You can only use Oddsguard after logging in. This is our way to to guard Oddsguard from abuse - ensuring you as a real user the best possible experience.

      After joining Oddsguard, you’ll get full access to the extension - You will be deciding when we send you better odds (by percentage) and which bookmakers you get notified about.

    • Can I manage the odds notifications?

      After joining Oddsguard you can manage which bookmakers you get notified about. You can also manage how much better the odds need to be (by percentage) in order for you get the better odds.

    • Can I limit the bookmakers I see?

      Yes, you can switch off/block any of the over 100 bookmakers we analyse. Simply join Oddsguard and manage your settings in the “Settings” page in the extension’s settings.

    • Can I limit the odds I see based on percentage?

      Yes, simply use the slider on the “Settings” page in the Oddsguard extension.

    • How do I log in to Oddsguard?

      Simply lick the “Login” button on any screen in the Oddsguard extension.

    • Why did the odds change when I made my bet?

      Odds can change over time. E.g. if you chose a new bookmaker, the odds could have changed while you were registering with them. There’s no need to worry though as you’ll always get better odds with Oddsguard. 
      Oddsguard analyses and reads pre-match odds, so odds don’t generally change too much when you use the extension with your bookmaker.

  • General questions about Oddsguard
    • Why did the odds change after I made my bet?

      Odds are tied to time, demand and other factors. Oddsguard supports pre-match odds so there won’t be major changes within a short time period. However, as we analyse odds automatically in real-time, things can change when you go to claim the better odds.

      Something to keep in mind is that if you want to use a new bookmaker, you’ll need to register first (this might take up to 10 minutes during which time odds might change). Please visit our “Best Odds” or “Offers” pages in the Oddsguard extension to see all our bookmakers - you can open accounts in advance of betting.

    • How do I partner with Oddsguard?

      You can send us a request via Twitter, Facebook or email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible as we’re always looking for partners and promoters.

    • How does Oddsguard make money?

      In some cases, if you choose one of our recommended bookmaker we’ll earn a small commission from them, which in turn means you’ll be supporting Oddsguard.

      We’re currently looking into options of rewarding our members and partners (e.g. creating a Gold Membership). We’ll let you know as soon as anything’s been confirmed.

    • What is the “Read and change all your data…” permission in Chrome?

      When you install the Oddsguard extension in the Chrome Web Store pop-up window, the text “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit” will appear.

      This pop-up is standard across Chrome extensions and Oddsguard does not capture or alter any personal or payment information from the websites you visit.

      The only information we 'change' on a website is when we test the odds on your bet slip with our 100 bookmakers. For your complete peace of mind, our extension only has access to the bet slip box and nothing else on the browser page. This New York Times article thoroughly details the “Read and change” warning. Please read our Privacy Policy too.

      If you have any questions about how we manage our privacy and user data, please contact us directly.

    • Why did I get a different offer than the one shown on Oddsguard?

      We show international offers from the bookmakers we found better odds from (these offers and bonuses vary based on where you live). We do this in order to give you the best possible outcome, as usually (but not always) international offers are worse than local offers.

      When you take up the offer and decide to bet with the presented odds, you’ll always see the final offer on the bookmaker website. Please make sure you read the full terms and conditions of the offer.

    • Is Oddsguard free to use?

      Yes. And we don’t offer real-money gaming or similar services.

  • Oddsguard Technical Support
    • Which browsers Oddsguard support?

      Oddsguard currently only supports Chrome and any other browsers that use the same extension bank as Chrome (Chromium technology by Google).

    • Can I use Oddsguard on multiple computers?

      Yes. If you’re logged in to your Google account, the extensions you use work from one computer to another in the Chrome browser.

      Saying that, if you’re not logged in, or you don’t want to log in to Chrome with your Google account, just go to the Chrome webstore on any computer and download the extension.

    • Does Oddsguard work on mobile devices?

      Not yet. We’re working hard to get an Oddsguard app for mobile phones. In general, mobile devices don’t support browser extensions - however you could still use the Oddsguard extension on your desktop browser and bet via your mobile device.

    • Can I use Oddsguard on multiple computers?

      Yes you can. Just download the extension on any browser you want from the Chrome Web Store.

    • Can I use Oddsguard on any bookmaker?

      We read odds from over 50 bookmakers where you can play, and then automatically compare and analyse these odds with over 100 bookmakers. Please see our full list of supported bookmakers here

    • What if bookmaker site isn’t working?

      We currently support over 50 bookmakers and analyse odds from over 100 bookmakers. If you think a bookmaker website isn’t working, please don’t hesitate to contact their support team. However, if you think the error is on the Oddsguard side, don’t hesitate to contact us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

    • What if I forgot my password?

      Click “Sign in” and “Forgot your password?” on our website if you have chosen to join via e-mail and password combination.

      If you have joined via Google or Facebook login - please retrieve your lost logins via their services.

    • How to contact the Oddsguard support team?

      If you ever need help, simply contact us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

    • Why can’t I log in to my Oddsguard account?

      If you’re unable to log in or retrieve your password over email, please email us immediately so we can try and sort things out for you.

  • Inviting friends to join Oddsguard
    • Can I refer people to Oddsguard?

      Yes and you should! We’re proud of Oddsguard as all of our customers get real-time access to over 100 operators’ data to make them better bettors.

      You can refer and invite people to Oddsguard by:

      • Telling your friends about our website
      • Sharing our extension download page with your friends
      • Linking your friends to our social media profiles in Twitter and Facebook
      • Using our “Invite friends” tab (you’ll be rewarded!)

      Thanks for your help in advance!

    • What benefits will I get if I recommend friends to Oddsguard?

      Our rewards programme will change over time. Please visit our “Invite friends” section to find out about our latest offers or prizes!

    • How does “Invite friends” work?

      The “Invite friends” referral programme takes the form of a raffle. By sharing our message via social media channels, you’ll earn raffle points.

      The more you share (and the more friends who join by leaving their details and downloading our extension), the more points you’ll earn.

    • What if I forgot to use my friends referral link?

      You should always try to use the link provided by your friend. In order to claim missing raffle points, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or Twitter. We’ll do everything we can in order to get you and your friend the correct amounts of points.

    • Why should I invite friends?

      By referring friends to Oddsguard you’re essentially helping keep the Oddsguard service and extension up and running. As you may know, running a service like this involves high costs.

      Oddsguard’s “Invite friends” programme has all kinds of prizes. Please check the “Invite friends” tab to find out more about what’s currently available.

  • My Account and Privacy - Oddsguard
    • What is “My Account”?

      This section on our website allows you to see and change your personal details and consent to marketing channels (please make sure we have the correct information about you). If you ever want to delete your account, you can do this in “My Account” too.

    • How do I change my email address?

      You can do this in the “My Account” page on our website.

    • How do I unsubscribe from Oddsguard emails?

      You can edit marketing consent on the “My Account” page on our website. You can also click the “Unsubscribe” button on emails you receive from us.

    • How do I uninstall Oddsguard?

      Before uninstalling Oddsguard we’d appreciate it if you could tell us why you want to do so. Please send us a message via Twitter, Facebook or email. This information will be invaluable to us.

      For windows Chrome users, follow these steps to uninstall the Oddsguard extension:

      • Open your Chrome browser
      • Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your browser window
      • Select “More tools” and “Extensions”
      • Find “Oddsguard extensions” and click “Remove”

      For mac osx Chrome users, follow these steps to uninstall the Oddsguard extension:

      • Click “Windows”
      • Click “Extensions”
      • Click “Remove” under the Oddsguard extension
      • Click “Remove” again

    • How do I delete my Oddsguard account?

      You can do this on the “My Account” page on our website.

    • How do I delete my Oddsguard account?

      You can do this on the “My Account” page on our website.

    • What information does Oddsguard collect?

      The Oddsguard extension can collect two types of information: 
      Information that you explicitly give us. For example, your name, avatar and email address. You may also give us access to your information from other services, such as when you link your Facebook or Google account. 
      When you create an account through Facebook, we ask for the following information:

      • Information that you've already made publicly available on Facebook
      • Your email address (because you need one to have an Oddsguard account)

      Information as a result of your use of our product. We collect automatically generated information such as log data, cookies, device information, data about the success or failure of codes applied to your bet slip, plus some other types of information required to provide different features of the Oddsguard extension Service. Other information is collected through our use of Google Analytics. To opt out of tracking with Google Analytics, visit

      Why do we collect this information?

      The Oddsguard extension is a unique product. We believe our extension provides great value and in order to offer that value to the user we collect data.

      We take the consumer-first approach even though our product heavily relies on big amounts of data and the costs around it.

      As a general principle, when you use the Oddsguard extension we are careful to only run our software on websites where we can provide value to you.

      What information does Oddsguard NOT collect?

      Your privacy and security is highly important to us. There are many types of information that the service doesn’t collect. E.g. we don’t collect any information from your email, name or bookmaker accounts. And we lso don’t record personal information that you’ve not provided to us directly or explicitly given us permission to record.

      As a general principle, when you use the Oddsguard extension we are careful to only run our software on websites where we can provide value to you as an Oddsguard user and potential member as a result of our software being enabled.

      How do we use your information that you provide through the Service?

      From time to time we may contact you to provide you with important information, required notices and marketing promotions. As a regulated company in Europe we always ask for consent for marketing activities. You have the option to contact us or disable marketing communication from us at any time.

      We may use also information that we collect about you, or that you provide to us, including any personally identifiable information to:

      • Customise and optimise the content or advertisements you receive when you use the service, and otherwise improve your experience on our Service
      • Analyse and improve our services, which may include tracking traffic, usage and navigation patterns related to your activities on the service and the links we provide to third party websites or advertisements
      • Secure your account and prevent fraud
      • Carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us
      • Protect our or a third-party’s legal rights or interests
      • And in any other way we may expressly disclose to you when you provide the information

      How do we share your information with third parties?

      We do not disclose your personally identifiable information to any third party for direct marketing without your approval. We will share your information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this privacy statement.

      We may also disclose User Provided and Automatically Collected Information, including any personally identifiable information that is included in the foregoing, to third parties in the following circumstances:

      • As required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process
      • When we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud or respond to a government request
      • With our trusted services providers who work on our behalf to provide the sService, do not have an independent use of the information we disclose to them, and have agreed to adhere to the rules set forth in this privacy statement
      • With a buyer, affiliate or other successor of the Oddsguard extension is involved in a merger, acquisition, divestiture, restructuring, dissolution or sale of all or a portion of its assets and User Provided Information and Automatically Collected Information is among the assets being transferred, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website of any change in ownership or uses of this information, as well as any choices you may have regarding this information
      • And in aggregate with other data in such a way that no personally identifying information is disclosed or can be deciphered.

      We also encourage you to read our Privacy Policy

    • Does Oddsguard track my betting activity?

      Rest assured, Oddsguard only uses the information you add to your bet slip on a bookmaker in order to analyse better odds for you. By selecting a bet on your bet slip you’re notifying Oddsguard that you’re interested in that market. We only store this information to analyse the data in real-time and to find you the best possible form.

Oddsguard uses cookies to help us provide & improve our services in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Policy , which includes details of how you can manage your cookie settings.